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Apple's new iOS 13 feature preview makes the iPhone / iPad more productive

Apple's new iOS 13 feature, which was just released in WWDC 2019, is expected to be downloaded and installed as early as this autumn, according to foreign media reports. So, before that, let's take stock and forecast the new series of systems.



Figure: Cnet
For the iPhone, the iOS 13 iPhone will enter the "dark mode" after entering the Mac through MacOS Mojave last year. Although it may not change the interface design in any way, it does change the appearance of the device and may bring battery life benefits to the iPhone with OLED screens.
Figure: cent
The new AirPod feature, Apple claims, allows users to pair two computers with an iPhone and "enjoy the same song or movie with friends". Meanwhile, Siri will read your message on AirPods, wireless Bluetooth headset and read it aloud to you.
In addition, for all the smart hardware that supports iOS 13, you can unlock the iPhone more quickly by implementing a fast unlock function. According to Apple, depending on the phone model you own, using Face ID, your iPhone will unlock 30% faster than iOS 12.

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