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The new iPhone XS storage space 128GB take-off price will also rise further in 2019

For Apple, due to the closeness of its mobile phone and system, it is determined that Apple can willfully upgrade the iPhone, because consumers will eventually pay for it. Although there are also consumers who are very resistant to Apple's approach, users will eventually pay for it, such as adjusting storage space.


According to the latest foreign media, the storage space of the new iPhone XS may start from 128GB this year. Of course, after this adjustment, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB, while the original 64GB has been cancelled.
The report also mentioned that if Apple did adjust the storage space of the iPhone, it would have nothing to do with the upgraded version of the XR, because the product would inevitably lead to higher prices after storage adjustment. Cook was not allowed to do so. After all, the high prices of the three iPhones last year had reduced the user's enthusiasm for switching.
According to the explosion, this year's new iPhone XS series will adopt the three-camera design of the rear bathroom, while the new iPhone XR will adopt the dual-camera design. At present, foreign media have already started the so-called transparent protective case of the 2019 iPhone. It is said that the data of the protective case are from the drawings of the Apple Generation Factory, so it still has some credibility.

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