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Perhaps the biggest surprise of the iPhone 11 is the price!

Unconsciously, the first weekend of August 2019 is coming to an end today, and our vast number of fruit fans are about to usher in the excitement of the whole year, that is, Apple's new product launch in autumn 2019.

I believe that all the fans who have been paying attention to Mingmei Infinite must be clear. After Mingmei Infinite has shared so many latest things about the iPhone, iOS and Apple, there must be some concepts about Apple's new iPhone this year. Today Mingmei Infinite continues to dig deeply into some of the iPhone 11. Things, wonderful content is about to start not to be missed!


This year has entered the second half of the year, the competition in the mobile phone market is very fierce. The second half of the year is not only the competition of domestic brands, but also the competition of foreign brands. Every autumn, Apple releases its flagship phones every year, but in the past two years, the iPhone has no innovative features, resulting in relatively modest sales, not as brilliant as it used to be. This year, Apple will launch a new generation of the iPhone to compete for more markets.

On the positive side, the new iPhone in 2019 doesn't seem to be much of a tweak. More differences and changes come from the number and shape of the rear cameras. More news about the iPhone 11 is currently focused on the three cameras behind it, which are already in the shape of a bathroom bully. If you want a better look, different shapes, I'm afraid it will have to wait until 2020.

In fact, this year's new iPhone is quite embarrassing. Android phones, especially domestic phones, will be popularized 5G in the second half of this year. Hua5G phones also support NSA/SA dual-mode. Now you can use it without worrying about being eliminated. At the beginning of next year, the Android mobile phone with the X55 will be on the market in full. At this time, choosing an expensive 4-G iPhone or a cheap 5-G Android mobile phone, even the fruit powder, is also entangled. Sales of the new iPhone are predictable.

Apple is not unprepared, in order to meet the needs of users, it will launch more initiatives, such as the most-selling iPhone 11R and the new colour matching of taro purple and Tiffany blue, which is no less amazing than domestic mobile phones.


It is reported that the blue-green color matching is very similar to the blue of fashion luxury brand Tiffany, bringing a fresh and pure feeling. In addition, foreign media also exposed another color matching: taro purple. In addition, white, black, yellow and red color matches will remain on the new iPhone 11R.

Taking photos is another highlight of iPhone11R. It has a 12 million +1200 AI double shot mode, and supports ultra wide-angle function. The camera parameters and photo mode are more powerful than the previous generation. In addition, iPhone11R will also support the new generation of Face ID facial recognition and IP67 level water prevention function, and its functionality is also good.

There have been rumors that the iPhone will be fully equipped with the Type-C interface. The Type-C interface solution will be better than the Lightning interface. Why? Firstly, the transmission speed is faster; secondly, the compatibility is better; thirdly, the protection of socket is better. In fact, using Type-c on the iPhone may still take some time to test, so Apple can only continue to optimize its charging efficiency and power consumption.

This year, however, there will be some improvements in the charging and charging head of the iPhone 11 series. The latest news reports that the iPhone 11 series will be equipped with standard PDs for fast charging, and the battery capacity of the new iPhone will be increased by 8%.

Outside analysis, Apple's move is to accommodate the growing price of its new iPhone. In other words, if the 2019 iPhone is still equipped with a 5W charging head, users may be dissatisfied.

Now there are reports that Apple will upgrade the Taptic Engine of the iPhone 11 family, and this evolved vibration motor may bring many new changes to the touch of smartphones. We can get some clues from the information available.


In fact, if the iPhone 11 does get a completely new Taptic Engine upgrade, the most likely innovations will be the following three: wider vibration range; more accurate or subtle collision simulation; and a variety of additional triggers customized from the system level and App. There are plenty of signs that Apple has decided to abandon 3D Touch, so there's reason to expect a big touch upgrade with the new iPhone in September.

In addition, it is reported that the 128GB storage specification of the 11/11 Max is starting, while the 11R of the iPhone is still starting at 64GB.

It is worth mentioning that recently, foreign media also exposed the price of the new iPhone, the price of the iPhone 11 is $999, about 6911 yuan; the price of the iPhone 11 Max is $109, about 7603 yuan; and the price of the iPhone 11R is $749, about 5181 yuan. As for the price of the Bank of China version, I'm afraid it will not be known until it is released.

Netizens said that the price of the iPhone 11 Max would sell out.

But Cook's choice of such a sale price is also related to many factors. Firstly, the market competition is fierce. At present, Samsung, Huawei, Yijia and other mobile phone manufacturers have entered the battle of high-end mobile phones in the market. Second, this year's iPhone 11 series does not support 5G network, so opening up the market from the price is also a helpless move. In addition, Apple's high-price strategy of the past year has taught a painful lesson, with very poor sales.

Finally, Minmei Infinite also wants to say that in the waiting of many fruit fans, judging from the information that the iPhone 11 has been exposed so much, whether this year's new iPhone will explode depends on the ultimate sincerity of Apple.

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