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When on earth will the new iPhone be released? Foreign media speculation: September 10

[Mobile China News] As we all know, Apple will launch a new iPhone product in September. This year, with September approaching, more and more information about the new generation of the iPhone is available online. In addition to focusing on what configuration the new generation of the iPhone will adopt and what different highlights it will have, the specific launch time of the new iPhone is also affecting many people's hearts. Recently, CNET, the foreign media, has speculated on the exact date of the launch of the iPhone this year, based on the previous release date of the iPhone, which seems to be highly credible.



Rendering Map of iPhone XR 2 (Map Source Network)

According to past practice, Apple will either launch the new iPhone the same week as Labor Day in the United States, the first Monday in September, or the week after Labor Day. In the past, if Labor Day in the United States was on or before September 3, Apple would choose to launch a new iPhone in the next week. As in 2015 and 2016, Labor Day came on or after September 5, so Apple held a press conference on the first Wednesday of next week (two days after Labor Day).


Summary of previous launch times for the iPhone (source CNET)

This year's Labor Day falls on Monday, September 2. According to previous releases, Apple is likely to launch a new iPhone on Tuesday or Wednesday, September 10 or September 11, the following week. But because September 11 is a special day, Apple should not hold a press conference on that day, so September 10 is the most likely date.

The date is also in line with the media's forecast for the launch date and delivery date of this year's new iPhone, which is expected to be released on Friday, September 20. For now, it's really possible that Apple will host the launch of the new iPhone on September 10. However, these are only speculations for your reference.

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