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New iPhone 11X Exposure: 200Hz Screen 5000mAh "Anti-Sky" Configuration

Just now, the extranet @hasan kaymak has exposed a set of rendering maps of the new iPhone 11X, showing that the new iPhone 11X is equipped with a 200HZ screen, 5000 mAh battery and four rear cameras with "anti-sky" configuration, which is quite exciting.






This is a new iPhone 11X with a 6.4-inch 200HZ display, or tailored for games. Guess that this 200HZ is the screen sampling rate, not the actual refresh rate; the built-in 5000 mA large battery, Apple is known to be inferior to Asus in large battery assembly equipment, which also means that the mobile phone itself is a "big man".

It is reported that the new iPhone 11X battery is actually divided into two batteries, each of which is 2500 mA. This huge 5000 mA battery can be fully charged in an hour, thanks to Apple's dual wireless charger with 5A fast charging speed.

The new iPhone 11X can respond to calls with live voice recordings, and the colorful Apple LOGO seems to be back. The polar white version of the device may stand out from the colorful Apple LOGO. The iPhone 11X is a dual SIM card phone with a much narrower border than its predecessors.


Figure: Hasan kaymak

The new iPhone 11X comes with a large universal button for volume, Siri and power. The rear square four-camera sensor, but no LED flash can be seen.

It has been rumored that Apple's new iPhone may launch its flagship: a larger version and a cheaper version. Now, Hasan kaymak released a new concept phone map of the 11X iPhone. If you really want to see the real thing, it almost completely meets everyone's "fantasy" of playing the iPhone.

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