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Secret Story Apple iPhone6s “rose gold” behind the

This month, the next generation iPhone, iPhone publish and market, a new color of “Rose Gold” has entered the people’s attention. BuzzFeed headlines, commented: “The Internet and other new pink iPhone has lost damn reason.” In the new iPhone rosy gloss, millions of people crazy.
The famous feminist writer Roxanne homosexuality on Twitter said, “I have no interest in what they speak, rose gold iPhone my line..” On the other hand, Apple’s new color is named “Rose Gold” also attracted Some people confused, writer Christina Warren said: “I just wanted to say, which is obviously pink, apple company called” Rose gold just to avoid too feminine. ”
Apple different and savvy in the field of jewelry, “rose gold” in the traditional sense refers to add a small copper and gold. From the outside, the red rose gold, giving a warm feeling – just shy of gold. In fact, Apple’s iPhone is not the first time gold over last year, Apple see Apple try this color. Try using 18th century jeweler not only rose gold, but developed a “four-color gold” word contains the green, white, pink and gold, leading to rupture of the way.
Rose gold in the traditional sense
Since then, Rose Jinsheng spirit bankruptcy. Recently, including Earl, Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry, including five this color will once again return to public view. “Rose gold is more low-key than the platinum and gold, to a warm, more in harmony with the other colored gems,” the designer Claire wrote in 2012.
Unlike most people’s skin color is different, complementary – Fresh red shiny striking, in other words, rose 金天盛 to gorgeous fashion sense. It is the color of other metals – bronze, gold color, silver is not available. Furstenberg fashion brand launched a rose gold and crocodile skin handbag. That designer Wang (Alexander Wang) also designed a rose gold bag.
Spend two thousand US dollars, you can get a length and ground rose gold clothes –Laifunige iconic bandage dress. Application in the fashion industry have a lot of rose gold. Even on YouTube, you can see the hair dyed pink gold DIY tutorial; if you want to get married, you can not just buy a rose gold ring, rose gold can also buy flooring, napkins, vases matching components.
Noble, rare, timeless, shiny, gold has been a symbol of power and wealth. Ancient Greek legend carefree, beautiful rich ancient times was called the golden age, mathematics is the most harmonious proportion is named the golden ratio. Our pursuit – the guide to action, it will completely – also known as the “Golden Rule.” Gold also has a wealth of symbolic meaning: Throughout history, all ages thrifty, golden limited. Two years ago, iPhone first gold color, we all know that this strategy successfully activated the preference for gold has a unique Chinese market, a lot of people’s blitz.
Rose gold, which represents a completely different meaning. As a synthesis of metallic materials, rose gold is heterogeneous, unlike gold, naturally, but close to platinum. Platinum nickel and manganese-doped gold, rose gold is similar to two opinion leaders of fashion statements and come and go. For a lot of gold jewelry, rose gold is a good “seasoning.”
Gold prices recently a crazy popular in the early 20th century. In Tsarist Russia Czar Queen jeweler Carl Faberge large number of applications rose gold in his masterpiece “egg Empire” series above, including the most famous of the “Moscow Kremlin Egg,” the use of white and gold and white enamel material 15 century Enta rescue prototype, overlooking Red Square. Tsar Nicholas II, Empress Alexandra gave it as a gift, the whole egg cost 11,800 rubles, Faberge’s most expensive things.
Moscow Kremlin Egg
“Moscow Kremlin Egg” is to commemorate the Queen and the Emperor returned to Moscow city and manufacturing. However, at the coronation ceremony, there is a serious stampede, resulting in more than one thousand people were killed, while the tsar couple lucky escape accidents. In 1906, the eggs in the queen’s palace, the famous movement occurs against the Tsar. A few years later, the Soviet master Russia’s right to rule. Place eggs in a museum. Now, it is saved in a weapons museum in Moscow.
Visible, rose gold is not always at the top of the trend. But its bright red sheen, unique color is in line with current trends. It may be excessive concessions, new generation of “tyrant gold.” But as the company’s first quarter revenue of $ 50 billion, is the world’s most profitable companies, the high-end mobile phone market leader, launched the latest mobile phone the most common Colour. This is Apple’s smart planning, we live in an age of gold prices.