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Apple pushes IOS 13.2 third developer beta

Almost keeping a more regular pace on Monday, apple pushed the third developer test version of IOS 13.2 in the early morning of this morning. At present, there is no obvious feature improvement in this version, and it is estimated that it is not far from the official version. (Note: This version may have errors when matching the new airpods, and there is no problem connecting the matched airpods.)


As another important version after IOS 13.1, IOS 13.2 has brought many new features, the most important of which is the "deep integration" function of the iPhone 11 series. "Deep fusion" is a new image processing system using A13 bionic chip and neural network engine. It can use machine learning technology to process photos pixel by pixel, optimize the texture, details and noise of each part of the image, which is suitable for indoor and medium light line photos, and can be opened automatically.


In addition, IOS 13.2 also brings "Siri information broadcast". When the iPhone is not around, Siri can read the notifications received by various information apps for you through the second generation airpods; "homepod relay", which brings the IOS device that is playing music close to homepod, can continue to play the music on homepod; "homekit group", which can now play the smart home in homekit Group and ungroup resident products for easy management.


In the second developer test version of IOS 13.2 last week, Apple also officially loaded 59 new Emoji expressions previously announced into the version, including food, animals, activities, such as guide dogs, sloths, flamingos, orangutans, wheelchairs, artificial limbs, combinations of different colors and genders.


In addition, IOS 13.2 also made changes to some of Siri's privacy related features. Now users can choose to join or exit the Siri improvement program, which is one of the features previously promised by apple.

Finally, IOS 13.2 has also adjusted the tactile touch menu, added the "delete" button, and changed the previous "rearrange app" to "Edit main screen", and iPhone 11 series models can directly change the video recording settings, such as resolution, frame number, etc., on the video recording page of the camera.