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Night shooting battle: Google pixel 4 lost, iPhone 11 overtaken

When Apple announced the low light photography function of iPhone 11, everyone was eagerly looking forward to a PK between Apple's iPhone night mode and Google's pixel night sight mode.


After the launch of the iPhone 11, many media also compared it with the 2018 flagship pixel 3, including PCWorld. The result, of course, is that pixel 3 was K.O., and Apple's efforts to improve the low light shooting of iPhone 11 are obvious to all. Of course, compared with the previous year's mobile phone, the new one in 2019 is a little bit ungrateful, so after the launch of pixel 4, Macworld quickly conducted night shooting test for the latest pixel 4 and iPhone 11, and the competition between them is quite fierce.

In the frame by frame shooting of low light and ultra-low light, iPhone 11 not only successfully transforms the extremely dark image into a picture of ornamental significance, but also can accurately brighten the details and retain the shadow, and it can better handle the whole scene than pixel 4 without losing the natural darkness. (left: pixel 4, right: iPhone 11)

All of the above photos were taken by Michael Simon / IDG


Both phones were able to capture images successfully, allowing you to see the entire building from a distance. However, pixel 4 lost a lot of clarity and shadow, while iPhone 11 preserved the integrity of the night and lit up the dark part.


This is another true case of outdoor street photography. Apple wins in color accuracy. The iPhone 11 better shows the red on the church door, the darkness in the sky, and the orange in the foreground taxi.


A very dark apartment alley. The iPhone 11 is superior in terms of color level. The specific performance is that the corner air conditioner and ivy are not affected by the increase of exposure, and retain a darker and deeper color.


Four posters taken after the lights went out. IPhone 11 has obvious advantages, not only brighter, but also clearer picture and color.


The spider web of the haunted house. Pixel 4 has high overall brightness, highlighting more details of spider web. IPhone 11 is closer to the darkness and eerieness of the scene itself, with the background leaves still green.


Outdoor flowers, the light source is only a distant street lamp (as well as the reflected light of the external wall of the house), the performance of the two mobile phones are very good, the difference is not obvious.


Pumpkin lantern. In this comparison, the iPhone 11 is not always dominant. In the group photos, it shows the advantage of the overall brightening effect of pixel 4, which can better show the fog effect. In the photos taken by iPhone 11, there is almost no fog, but the iPhone 11 better deals with the shadow of the pumpkin and the details inside the eye. After zooming in, the background noise is much lower.

Due to the time relationship, this comparative test is not deep enough, but early results still show that the iPhone 11 night mode has not only surpassed Google's technology on pixel 3, but also basically surpassed pixel 4. As for the latter, everyone thinks that Google will make the new flagship leap forward on the basis of the previous generation, but it is not