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Apple's new patent exposure: iPhone 7 or with "Airbag"

Recently, foreign media carried a study on "iPhone7 features you want most," the survey found that users' wishes is very simple, they want the next generation iPhone not so easily broken screen.


Maybe one day it will become a reality, Apple is also developing a variety of mechanisms to protect the equipment. Recently a patent document exposure Apple iPhone automatically protect a program on the screen.

The patent entitled "Electronic Equipment protective shell", patent shows the iPhone's built-in sensor can detect down device. For example, when fall occurs, the system will trigger shock absorbers (or buffer) iPhone within the four corners of the body so the built-in pop-up spring-damper to absorb the impact of plunging to the ground. This shock absorber is possible to use foam, plastic, rubber or other material.

Interestingly, the patent documents also show that the shock absorber can improve the waterproof performance of the device, when the device falls into the water, when the shock absorber that allows the device to float in the water, which undoubtedly greatly enhance the iPhone's "survival."

Of course, now the technology is still stuck in the patent level, whether the number is unknown whether the iPhone application.