Apple iOS10 these three features can save you power off

IPhone7 / 6S power-saving tips which triple
Turns off the weakened animation effect
This feature you may not understand, Apple has added it in iOS 7. The effect of everyday use is the desktop will have a 3D animation. When you convert your phone, the desktop changes as your phone moves. In fact, this feature is not practical, and to some extent more power. You can go to Settings - General - Accessibility - to weaken the animation effect to turn it on.
2. Close the Spotlight search
IPhone desktop sliding to the left side of the interface will appear, the page will display the contact list of the most recent contact, the most commonly used applications, this feature in daily use most people will not be used, you can go to Settings - General --Spotlight search, all of the APP are closed.
Turn off background application refresh
If you turn this feature on, when you exit an application, the application will refresh the content at regular intervals. So I suggest you set it up, keep your commonly used software, such as QQ, WeChat, microblogging, the rest of the closed. You can go to Settings - General - background application refresh will APP this feature is turned off.
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